A New Photo Montage!

A large photo montage of selected images of the new William Beaumont Army Medical Center under construction on Ft Bliss, in El Paso TX, taken in 2017. Photography and Design: © Copyright Scott Weaver

I’ve designed dozens – more than dozens! – of photo montages over the years for my clients. It’s a daunting task because I usually don’t have a specific layout in mind when I start, and as the photographer, it can be difficult to select which images to use… because I pretty much like all of them!

In summer of 2016 I began photographing construction of the new Ft Bliss replacement hospital, officially called the William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC). My client is one of the key subcontractors, Shadrock & Williams Masonry, responsible for sheathing most of the buildings in custom cut stone and ceramic tile. Later in the year we returned to the site to get shots focusing more on the workers themselves. (Some of the photos were selected as winners in a construction photo contest, but I’ll post separately about that!)

It was incredibly exciting photographing at this huge construction site: endless photo opportunities, always changing and unexpected light, and cooperative workers and management. So… lots of great images to work with, but where to start in laying out this new photo montage? I did know I wanted a grand view of the site to be in the center. Once I’d made that choice it became more clear to me as to how to progress from there.

My purpose was to make a large panoramic print for the client and have it displayed in their company headquarters. Large prints can be very impressive, much more impressive than simply viewing a file on a monitor or smartphone screen.

But designing takes me time, and patience. This montage took me about eight hours to layout… but I enjoyed every minute! I then moved on to printing the 24″ x 66″ piece. I first printed a few sample strips at full size to confirm my Epson SC P6000 was giving me the results I needed. I was frankly thrilled at what I was seeing, so I began printing the complete panorama. (I’ll post separately about this Epson printer as there is a lot I can say!)

I selected Epson Premium Luster photo paper for this piece, a paper that is perfect for reproducing commercial work like this. I was printed using Epson’s supplied profile for this printer and paper combo. No need for custom profiling! Thank you, Epson.

Honestly, I felt great satisfaction with the images I shot on these assignments, and they looked so fine in the new photo montage. It was a further pleasure to present the client with this new printed piece, something that shows off their impressive capabilities, as well as my own. And isn’t what what good marketing is about?

Thanks for reading and viewing! Here’s a link to a full page view of the photo montage.

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